From 1970 to 1990 we were
freelance associates of the
National Museum of Natural Sciences
(NMNS, now Canadian Museum of Nature, CMN).
Aleta collected amphibians, reptiles,
and invertebrates in Kenya in 1972,
and Fred collected Birds
for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
throughout Canada south
of the high Arctic in1970-1975.

Our three Canada-wide trips
that were undertaken for the composition
of general natural history books
(1976-1977, 1985-1986, 1987-1989),
were all documented by specimens
deposited in the NMNS.
These specimens,
and the field notes that go with them,
are the basis for the evaluations
of ecological change
that we plan to make
in our 30Years Later travels.

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad
Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

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Thirty Years Later:

Trail of our field notes
from coast to coast to coast.

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

[places we've made observations over the past 40 years]

Our field work, up to the launch of theNatureJournal, included:

1970: Florida, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Montana (FWS).
1971: Mt Hermon, Massachusetts, James Bay & central Ontario, Florida, northern New York (FWS).
1972: Cochrane, Moosonee, & Long Point, Ontario, Atlantic Canada (FWS); Kenya. (AK)
1973: New England-Delaware, Ontario-British Columbia.
1974: NW Quebec, Rockwood area, Ontario.
1975: Subarctic Canada, New York, New Jersey.
1976-1977: Transcanada (Newfoundland-Vancouver Island - Canadian Nature Notebook trip).
1978: Toronto.
1979-1985; 1987; 1989-present: Grenville Co & adjacent counties, eastern Ontario.
1980: N Manitoba, British Columbia, for general herpetology.
1981 SW counties, Ontario, general herpetology.
1982: SW counties, Ontario, for COSEWIC Hognose & Butler's Garter snakes reports.
1983: Tobermory Islands, Kenora district, Cochrane District, SW counties, Ontario.
1984: New Brunswick; Cochrane District, Tobermory Islands & Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.
1985-1986: Canada & northern USA (Fragile Inheritance trip).
1987: Cochrane district, Niagara Frontier, Ontario, New England.
1987-1989: Vancouver Island, Prince Rupert-Prince George, Haida Gwaii, Vancouver, Interior, & Bella Coola, British Columbia (Birds of the West Coast trip).
1989: British Columbia-Ontario, landscape series in oils
1990: Bruce Peninsula, N of Georgian Bay, Cochrane district, Ontario.
1992: Cochrane area, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.
1993: Sooke area, Vancouver Island, B.C., Cochrane area, Bruce Peninsula, Mattawa Area, Ontario.
1994: Lake Ontario Waterfront, Ontario (A Place to Walk trip).
1995: Cochrane area & eastern Ontario Unionidae.
1995-present: South Nation river drainage basin, eastern Ontario.
1996: Lake Ontario Drainage, eastern, Outer Bruce Peninsula, southern Renfrew Co & south-central Ontario, eastern Lake Ontario drainages, New York.
1997: Bruce Peninsula, Niagara escarpment, Sudbury & Cochrane dists, South Nation drainage, Lanark & Renfrew Cos, Ontario.
1998: eastern Ontario, survey of effects of the ice storm; Hwy 7, Bruce County, Ottawa Valley, and Temagami area, Ontario.
1999: Ottawa Valley & North Bay area, Ontario; Quebec City; NY Thruway & Mass Pike, Phragmites survey.
2000: western Quebec to the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia; Hwy 401, eastern Ontario-Toronto for Phragmites survey.
2001: Ontario to Prince Edward Island; Cochrane area, Ontario & adjacent Quebec; Hwy 7 & Bruce County, Ontario.
2002: southern Manitoba; Cochrane area, Ontario; The 2002 James Bay Expedition, Quebec & Ontario; New York, Pennsylvania, & New Jersey, Phragmites survey.
2003: Collingwood, Clare River, Pelee Island, South Nation River & tributaries, Ontario; Tioughnioga River & Rochester, New York; Parc d'la Verandrye, Quebec, for 30-yrs-later survey of northern limit of Hyla versicolor.

...post 2003 field work to be inserted here soon.