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This page lists publications of 30-Years-Later results, and descriptions of the methods we use.

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

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Thirty Years Later Publications.

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

30-Years-Later: Results

Schueler, Frederick W., and Aleta Karstad. 2009. Reckoning Wasted Lives – Thirty Years of Road Ecology in North Grenville. presentation at Kemptville Earth Day Fair, 19 April 2009, Kemptville, Ontario.

Gunson, Kari E., David Ireland, and Fred Schueler. 2009. Incorporating road-mortality hotspot modeling and connectivity analyses into road mitigation planning in Ontario. accepted for presentation and publication in the proceedings of the 2009 International Conference of Ecology and Transportation (test of a province-wide model of habitat connectivity using our road-kill data).

Schueler, Frederick W., & André L. Martel. 2009.Mortality of native freshwater mussels associated with increased populations of Dreissena polymorpha,15-18 years after its introduction to the upper Rideau River, Ontario, Canada. TENTACLE 17:27-28

Desroches, Jean-François, Frederick W. Schueler, and Isabelle Picard. 2007. Eurycea bislineata: Northern Two-lined Salamander. Coloration. Herpetological Review. 38(2): 174-175.

Schueler, Frederick W., & Aleta Karstad. 2007. Decline in the proportion of road-killed Turtles observed in eastern Ontario since 2000: Has conservation had some effect? CARCNET platform presentation, Sept 2007, Kingston, Ontario. (based on 2 decades of monitoring)

Schueler, Frederick W. 2007. STATUS OF SOUTHERN ONTARIO CHORUS FROGS. CARCNET poster paper, Sept 2007, Kingston, Ontario.

Martel, André L., Jacqueline Madill and Frederick Schueler. 2006. Apparent refugia of native freshwater mussels in the upper Rideau River threatened by increased Dreissena 15 years after its introduction. TENTACLE 14:31-32.

Hoffman, Eric A., Frederick W. Schueler, Adam G. Jones, and Michael S. Blouin. 2006. An analysis of selection on a color polymorphism in the northern leopard frog. Molecular Ecology 15:2627–2641.

Picard, Isabelle, Jean-François Desroches, and Frederick W. Schueler. 2006. Update COSEWIC Status Report on Western Chorus Frog, <Pseudacris triseriata. Prepared for Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. March 2006, 47 pp.

Gibbs, James P., K. Kristian Whiteleather and Frederick W. Schueler. 2005.Changes in frog and toad populations over 30 years in New York State. Ecological Applications 15(4):1148–1157.

Hoffman, Eric A., Frederick W. Schueler, and Michael S. Blouin. 2004. Effective population sizes and temporal stability of genetic structure in Rana pipiens, the Northern Leopard Frog. Evolution, 58(11), 2004, pp.2536-2545.

Schueler, Frederick W. 2004. Seasonal and diurnal patterns of calling in Canadian Anurans: compiling the conventional wisdom as a null hypothesis. The Boreal Dipnet 8(2/1):6-7.

Schueler, Frederick W., Aleta Karstad, Jennifer Helene Schueler, 2003. Non-native Phragmites communis in British Columbia. Botanical Electronic News. No. 315, October 23, 2003.

Schueler, Frederick W. 2002. Environment Canada National Workshop on Invasive Alien Species - 5-7 November 2001. EOBM Almanack 4(1):4-6. Winter 2002. (reflections on our tracking of invasive species, and what a national strategy to deal with them might be like).

Schueler, Frederick W. 2002. Field Notes from The Jock River. I: Amphibians, Crayfish, Unionids, & Dobsonflies just above the Rideau. Trail and Landscape 36(2):68-71 (cf., from a later draft: Schueler, Fred. 2002. Aquatic fauna at the mouth of the Jock River. Friends of the Jock River Newsletter 2(1):2-5).

Schueler, Frederick W. 2001.Pseudacris triseriata on the Five-Mile Block (Tobermory, Bruce County, Ontario): 1984-2001. CARCNET 6th Annual Meeting, Cornwall, PEI, 22-25 October 2001 (monitoring extirpation of a formerly abundant species).

Schueler, Fred. 2001. First International Conference on Northeastern Pseudacris triseriata. EOBM Almanack 3(2&3):10-12. see

Schueler, Fred. 2001. Chorus Frogs: Totems of connectedness. EOBM Almanack 3(1):10.

Schueler, Frederick W. 2001. Weaving a fabric of sound. Trail and Landscape 35(1):8-11. (patterns of breeding behavior in Wood Frogs over 3 decades)

Schueler, Frederick W. 2000. Long-distance fencepost Sandpipers. Biodiversity Journal 1(1):22-25 (decline and disappearance of a totemic species from Grenville County).

Schueler, Frederick W. 1999. Rapport sur la situation de la rainette faux-grillon de l’ouest (Pseudacris triseriata) au Québec.(book review). Canadian Field-Naturalist 113(4):699. (raising the possibility of decline in St. Lawrence Chorus Frogs)

Schueler, Fred, and Aleta Karstad. 1999. Jock River field trip. EOBM Almanack 1(4):8. (searching for Cambarus bartonii, last seen here in 1975).

30-Years-Later: Methods

Schueler, Frederick W. 2008. How to take a trip. Trail & Landscape 42(1):18-31.

Schueler, Fred. 2007. Thoughts About Amateur Science in a Museum Setting. The Citizen Scientist, Feature 1, 3 August 2007 . full text with links at

Schueler, Frederick W., Aleta Karstad, Jamie Proctor, and Ryan Hawke. 2007. How to ‘do’ a bridge.. Trail & Landscape 41(1):38-49.

Karstad, Aleta. 2006. theNatureJournal Beginners Introduction. 35 pp. Bishops Mills Natural History Centre. see

Schueler, Frederick W., & Karstad, Aleta. 2004. theNatureJournal Handbook. 42 pp. Bishops Mills Natural History Centre and Little Ray's Reptile Zoo. see

[Karstad, Aleta]. 2004. theNatureJournal: a system of equipment, pages, and instruction intended for the use and training of record-keeping naturalists. Bishops Mills Natural History Centre and Little Ray's Reptile Zoo. see

Schueler, Fred. 2003. FORUM: Confessions of a would-be ATBI’ist Biodiversity 4(2):37-38

Schueler, Frederick W. & Aleta Karstad. 2003. Thirty Years Later: Databasing, Up-grading, and revisiting observations recorded in naturalists’ field notes from coast to coast. poster paper at CARCNET 8th Annual Meeting, Pelee Island, Ontario, 11-14 September 2003.

Schueler, Frederick W. & Aleta Karstad. 2002. Starting a regional natural history museum: What's important and how to begin. 31 pp. booklet produced for Lake Abitibi Model Forest, September 2002.

Schueler, Frederick W. 2001. Interest is paid on deposits in your provincial data bank. The Boreal Dipnet 5(2):1-3.

Karstad, Aleta. 2000.Drawing from Life. Trail and Landscape 34(3):110-116.

Schueler, Frederick W. 2000. Navigating as Naturalists with the Global Positioning System. Trail and Landscape 34(1):35-40.

Schueler, Frederick W. & Anita Miles. 2000. Establishing EOBase, a Database of Eastern Ontario Natural History Collections & Observations, at the Eastern Ontario Biodiversity Museum. Report to the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, 8 April 2000, 100 pp.

Schueler, Frederick W. 1997. Collecting Land Snails: After the floods surveys for biodiversity. Watershed Sentinel 7(1):25-27

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