A new space for the fluid-preserved collection of the Eastern Ontario Biodiversity Museum, for the safekeeping and use of natural history observations, and for research in amphibians, clams, crayfish, and invasive plants, this building is the physical side of "Fragile Inheritance Natural History".

Residential upstairs and commercial downstairs, as well as housing museum collections, the former Bishops Mills General Store building offers a large open space where visitors can help us investigate local fauna and flora, browse field guides, appreciate the nature art of Aleta Karstad and friends, and purchase books, cards and posters.

Open every Friday for dropping in from 10:00 until 6:00, we are also available by appointment throughout the week, as most of our time is spent in lab and studio, or gardening, exploring, or painting outdoors not far away.

Contact us by phone at (613)258-3016 or 258-3107, or e-mail

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The Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

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30 Main Street, Bishops Mills, County Rd 18,
south and west of Oxford Mills, Ontario

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