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Canadian Nature Notebook
Owls in North America
Wild Seasons Daybook
Queen Charlotte Islands' Cumshewa Head Trail
A Place to Walk, a naturalists journal of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail

[Canadian Nature Notebook]


This informal ecology, richly illustrated with watercolours and drawings, was published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson in 1979 and enjoyed a long life in print until 1994. A classic in modern Canadian nature writing, Canadian Nature Notebook holds an important place on the shelves of naturalists all across the country. Although now out of print, it is still in library circulation, and we hope to sometime have it reprinted in soft cover.

[Owls in North America]


Part of the Canadian Album Series of nature stories for children, Owls in North America was published by Hyperion Press in 1987. Aleta Karstad and her husband Frederick W. Schueler collaborated with ornithologist and owl specialist Robert Nero in writing and illustrating this educational colouring book. Alongside natural history facts about each species and plausible stories based on personal experience and observations recorded in naturalists' field notes, Karstad's lively and detailed ink drawings bring each owl to life and invite children to colour them.

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[Wild Seasons Daybook]


Published in 1985 by Methuen and later carried by Stoddart, the hardcover perpetual diary Wild Seasons Daybook went out of print after over fifteen years of sales in bookstores and gift shops. Many people have returned for more copies and given these little books of delicate watercolours and hand lettered notations to friends and family, even sending them away to other lands as souvenirs of the nature that one sees here at close hand.

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[Queen Charlotte Islands' Cumshewa Head Trail]


Western Canada Wilderness Committee published this charming facsimile of Karstad's original hand lettered and illustrated journal pages from three hikes which she made in 1989 along the Cumshewa Head Trail, on North Moresby Island in Haida Gwaii. With a foreword by Chief Cumshewa, two hand drawn maps, and essay, hiking times & trail instructions by John F. Wood, the hiker is well informed, and the non-hiker is inspired. This little softcover is still playing a part in the ongoing struggle to preserve oldgrowth forest.

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Place to Walk, a naturalists' journal of the Lake Ontario Waterfront

A PLACE TO WALK: A Naturalists' journal of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail

Written and illustrated during an expedition through the summer of 1994, supported by the Waterfront Trust, and published by Natural Heritage/Natural History in 1995, this book is a lavishly illustrated account of a journey by foot, bicycle and canoe along a populated, misunderstood, and often surprisingly wild interface between land and water. Candid journal observations in the tradition of Elizabeth Simcoe charm and inform in surprising ways. Here is humour and adventure, but what is really established in a serious way is a detailed picture of time and place in the face of increasingly rapid changes in communities and the environment that supports them.

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