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If there's a biological situation that you knew about a decade or more ago, and you'd like to see checked out - whether it's the survival of an isolated colony of a native species, the spread or survival of an alien, or successional changes in a community, let us know, and we'll post it here, so that we can visit the site, or others can do so, and report their results.

Alternatively, if there's a local site or phenomenon that that's rich in some of the organisms we study (Molluscs, Crayfish, herps) or that you think should be better known to natural scientists, we can add it to the list of places we hope to visit.

Please specify the species involved, the site (giving numerical co-ordinates if possible), and the question you'd like answered.

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

Contact us by phone at (613)258-3107
or e-mail bckcdb@istar.ca

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Thirty Years Later: Suggested Visits and Revisits.

Suggested Revisits

Revisit to the Outer Bruce Peninsula, suggested by John Francis of Tobermory, Ontario, who hiked it with us on 23 August, 2008.

[view from the Bruce Trail, north of Halfway Dump, on the way to Bootlegger Cave]

South of Bootlegger Cave, following the Bruce Trail north along the cliffs above Georgian Bay.

Suggested Visits

none yet suggested

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

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