the 30 Years Later Expedition
a transCanada Biological Survey
in celebration of the
International Year of Biodiversity,
and in partnership with the
Canadian Museum of Nature,
will embark in March of 2010
to cross Canada from coast to coast.

[Yellow Shafted Flicker painting by Aleta Karstad]

Biologist/Artist team
Fred Schueler and Aleta Karstad
of Bishops Mills
Natural History Centre
will revisit the landscape they have traveled over the past 30 years, surveying species, describing, sketching and painting.

During a full year of travel,
the 30 Years Later Expedition will revisit and check the condition of ecological communities and populations of plants and animals, some of them now Species At Risk. Aleta will paint and draw enroute as Fred adds valuable new data to historical records, in a database partnership with the Canadian Museum of Nature.

A rare long term study in an age of short term projects, 30 Years Later welcomes contributions from amateur naturalists and scientists, to suggests and add to our itinerary of revisits across Canada.

We invite everyone to meet us enroute, to see what we've found, and participate in the biological survey - an important baseline for the study of ecology and the environment in Canada. Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad - Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

Contact us by phone at (613)258-3107
or e-mail bckcdb@istar.ca

Welcome to the

30 Years Later Expedition:

Databasing, Up-grading, and revisiting observations recorded in naturalists' field notes,

sketching and painting onsite from coast to coast to coast.

We're now beginning preparations for setting off on the trip,

seeking collaborators, sponsors, and suggestions for revisits,
to use our activities as an educational vehicle
for naturalists and governments
to teach the value of field notes and specimens,

and to provide urgently needed information about species and habitats
in these times of rapid change in ecology
and the environment

Frederick W. Schueler & Aleta Karstad
Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

20 July 2009.

[Manitoulin beach]
[plein air

Aspects of the 30-years-later project:

September 2009 prototype expedition in pursuit of historic records of the Crayfish, Orconectes immunis

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