Terrestrial Gastropods
of Canada

by F. Wayne Grimm

Frederick W. Schueler

Isabelle Picard

and Robert Forsyth

Illustrated by Aleta Karstad

Welcome to the sample pages of the Terrestrial Gastropods of Canada website. This site is intended to help identify and control invasive alien snails and slugs, and identify natives as ecological and environmental indicators. It will act as a public service associated with and feeding into the publication of a field guide to Canadian terrestrial gastropods.

This site will provide a focus for everybody who is working on land snails all across the country to contribute to and to critique. Each account will eventually have versions in both official languages, a full attribution of sources, editing, and reviews. Our intention is to expose the species accounts to peer review until we're ready to bring the whole work out as a single book of both native and introduced snails for Canada and the glaciated United States.

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Discus rotundatus

Lamellaxis micra

[Discus rotundatus]