An hour from Ottawa and fifteen minutes south-west of Kemptville on County Rd 18, Bishops Mills is also 15 minutes west of the 416 at the Co Rd 20 exit onto Oxford Station Rd (the "Dogleg Highway").

This page used to advertise the availablity for rental of the house we bought from George & Esther Weir, but this is no longer applicable -- though we do have other accomodation available for naturalists or artists who would benefit from a rural situation, and don't fuss much about latter-20th Century conveniences.

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A House in Bishops Mills, Ontario

[our house]
4 St Lawrence Street, Bishops Mills, County Rd 18,
south and west of Oxford Mills, Ontario

Weirs House is a white frame house in the centre of the country village of Bishops Mills. 150 years old with many heritage features, we've moved back in to provide the care and fixing up the place needs, and which tenants couldn't provide. Propane heat in the old fashioned livingroom, and a Findlay Oval cookstove in the kitchen cooks, bakes, and provides that cozy radiant heat in winter.

We have lived in this house 1981-1987, 1989-2002, and since October 2005. We've kept the yard and garden without pesticides. Three big Maples supply us with syrup and the yard yields spring salads. A three-roomed shed/barn in the back yard will accommodate one or two goats and a small flock of chickens. The small house lot adjoins our 10 acres of thin-soiled limestone parkland to the south and west, with Cedars and wild Apple trees, and at the far end, a deeper-soiled garden plot near the road.