[Duffins Creek Drift]

[Drifted Lake Erie]

[Sombrio Beach Drift]

Drifted paintings



I am Father Darwin's little omega lost or won on the restless waves.

I am amphicoelous Urodele vertebrae among the Oncorhynchus by the Great Lake.

I am Callianassa leaving a layer of blue garments along Toquart Bay.

I am food for ants on the peat-piled Chilcotin Clear Lake foreshore.

I am the Hedophyllum that pulled loose the Pododesmus in the storm.

I am Uncle Isaac's body in motion in a right line on a great circle of foam.

I am a foreign lightbulb flung among the boulders.

I am Janthina as purple as the dusk.

I am the crystal sphere on every Masset mantlepiece.

I am a Japanese convienience food journeying clockwise to the clearcut shore.

I am Uncle Henry David's newspaper and telegraph, faxing myself to every sandy pond.

I am the Nimpkish Basin summarized with periwinkles among the Eelgrass.

I am Orconectes rusticus eating up a metre a day in the Lake of the Woods.

I am a million crabs on ice between Tlell and Skidegate.

I am a coinage of Alosa silvering a Chattauqua gravel bar.

I am Father Leopold's Almanac that predicts the weather of the World.

I am Pandora's shell beach black with Bunker C.

I am a Lepas-crowded squid net rotting at River Jordan.

I am a ballast of Zebras in Lake St Clair.

I am nothing at all beside a sky-blue acid lake.

I am the big sigma, I am the integrated curve, I am the interaction term.
Everything that floats is regressed on me.

F. W. Schueler, Bishops Mills, Ontario, 18 February 1990