Cepaea nemoralis,
Banded Garden Snail

[Cepaea nemoralis Bishops Mills, 13 Aug 2004]


Today I saw more banded garden snails, or whatever Cepaea nemoralis is colloquially called, than I have ever seen before! Just south of the main intersection with Mill St. in Bishops Mills, The population that has spread from 6 St Lawrence Street across County Rd 18 to a grassy roadside ditch along an old field, appears to be burgeoning.

Current conditions were:

Time: 11:00
Temp: 18C
Sky: Overcast, between rain showers, calm

There were few individuals between the corner and the driveway of #1 St Lawrence, but they increased in number in a southwestward direction in the mowed vegetation along the shoulder and especially concentrated on dead vegetation (dead grass clippings and other dead vegetation on the sandy shoulder beside the pavement), where I counted up to 8 clustered in close proximity to one another. I saw no mating behaviour - just resting and crawling, and grazing. One snail was munching away on the fine leaves of dead yellow grass clippings, with its eye-stalks pulled in, as if it was chewing contentedly with its "eyes closed". They reached their greatest concentration, which was about averaging 10 individuals easily visible per linear metre along the road-shoulder vegetation just across from 6 St Lawrence, and diminished gradually to none past the culvert across from the yard of the Pentecostal Church. I have more photos, as well as a history of the introduction, available on request.

Aleta Karstad

Canada: Ontario: Grenville County: Bishops Mills:
just south of the intersection of Mill Street and St Lawrence Street (Co Rd. #18)
13 August 2004