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We begin with our own backyard,

continue with our own watershed,

and exchange our knowledge with others.

Together we work
to increase Human understanding of
and affiliation with
other species
and natural processes
on a global scale

Contact us by phone at (613)258-3017, or e-mail karstad@pinicola.ca

[snowdrops by Aleta Karstad]

by Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

[fred takes notes]

Take a new look at your home place. Fred can tell you which frogs are calling and where the salamanders are.

Tell him what you know, what you have seen,
and ask him all the things you've wondered about.

Find out what can you do to increase natural balance and biodiversity in your yard, garden, woods, pond, lake, or shoreline.

Learn to identify invasive species and find out what you can do to minimize their impact on native species.

[painting in a tree]

Watch the progress of Aleta's painting. This one is being done in a tree!

[fiddlehead miniature oil]

Emerging Fiddleheads - This one was done while sitting among the ferns.

[winter plein air painting]

Karstad plein air paintings are done in all weather conditions.

See your family's favorite spots through an artist's eyes and share in the adventure of on-site interpretation.

Order cards or prints of the sketches you like best.

Bishops Mills Natural History Centre

Aleta's art

Tell us about your place!

Ask about booking a Bio Artistic Survey

or e-mail karstad@pinicola.ca