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was born (1951) and grew up in Guelph, Ontario, but lived as a girl in Wisconsin and Georgia as her father studied wildlife pathology. Her formal art training was at Central Technical School, Toronto, where she studied watercolour under Doris McCarthy. In 1972 she began work in biological illustration at the National Museum of Canada.

Aleta's books (Canadian Nature Notebook (1979), Wild Seasons Daybook (1985), North Moresby Wilderness (1990) and A Place to Walk (1995) have been drawn from her illustrated natural history journals.

Since 1995 she has been teaching her method of combining drawings, watercolours, and lettering, on archival-quality materials to make a permanent record of a place and time.

Aleta's easel paintings catch rhythm and movement in nature: trees gesture, snow reflects the sky, lines and colours appear to move on the canvas.

She prefers to paint outdoors, to see and feel the depth and movement and the quality of time and place that she seeks to communicate through her art. Her mission is to teach people to love the land and its inhabitants.

Aleta Karstad

to draw is to see

[Hyla versicolor watercolour]

[Sombrio Beach Drift]

[Mer Bleu, painted in the bog]

[Limerick Forest Moccasinflower]

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